Drupal Themes: The Base of Your Website’s ‘Face’

Drupal is known for its flexibility and multiple functionality–features that your website need for maximum usability to benefit your online visitors. However, Drupal has more to offer apart from providing users with high quality pages, it is also consisted of useful themes which contribute greatly to the aesthetic look of the websites using it as CMS. Basing on the general ‘theme’ of the webpage, the administrator can choose built-in themes from Drupal to suit the website’s purpose. Color schemes are customizable with add-ons designers can apply to make things easier for the users.

Drupal is basically a mixture of different web standards such as PHP, XHTML and CSS. PHP coding experts can innovate themes with Drupal without the help of templates but only with the use of Drupal API. Since Drupal is an open source community, it allows simultaneous installation to run multiple themes by site administrators and project members to create functional themes to suit every pages may it be for business or for personal blog accounts. The themes based in Drupal are generated with variety of styles and graphics which future developers can utilize.

If you are a beginner in web development, choosing free themes will help you improve you craft for long-term benefit. Since free-themes will not require you pay for any cost, you can customize your own web page and experiment as much as you pleases. Drupal is not that complicated to use, and since you will be using pre-designed them, you can even add content without taking much time on coding and other technical features of Drupal.

What are the popular Drupal themes you can apply for your website?

drupal themes            

drupal theme

Root Candy – Root candy is one of the most essential theme that web designers can come accross. It is known to be an administration theme which free themes can truly be adaptable. if yu are an administrator who really workd hard to improve your knowledge in webdesigning, Root Candy will not put your spirits down. This theme is created for administrators to fully maximize their abilities in designing as it supports fully editing of pages, with icons, and re-colorable page. Delivering a site using Root Candy can make you proud as a designer as it gives you the benefit of allowing you alone to decide on all the schemes and content of the website.

Magazeen – When you want to focus more on the content, magazeen is the theme for you. It has fixed width with 2 columns and utilizes XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS. The theme is compatible in cross browsers so there is no need to worry that the lay-out and design of the page will be ruined in different browsers.

Marinelli – A 3-column, table-less layout theme featuring wide image banner and primary-links system on the top tab is the Marinelli theme. It will not extract your efforts in designing since it had built-in pages that you will simply need to customize. Marinelli’s look is is simple that makes it applicable for any website that you would want to create. It has rotating banner system wherein you can upload banner images and set the way you want them to rotate. It also has a great CSS organization that will allow you to easily customize the theme your way.


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Blink Reaction delivers client success through strategic planning, creative design, content management, and expert project management. They have drupal which is an open source content management system (CMS) that surpasses other CMSs on performance, scalability, functionality, and community building. Drupal development successes earned Blink the elite level of Enterprise Select Acquia Partnership. Solutions from Blink Reaction address business and marketing challenges, generating profitability, engaging audiences, and creating a more competitive online presence through drupal training.

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