Drupal – The Friendly CMS

If you have a website intended for marketing your business, there are plenty of reasons why Drupal is a must choose. Drupal in one of the leading open-source Content Management System (CMS) which is preferred by many high-caliber organizations around the globe. This fact is not surprising, for the user-friendly features of Drupal is enough reason for website owners to entrust their brand and business with this amazing website platform.

If your website is using Joomla or WordPress CMS’s, you might be missing out some features that will benefit your users. Recently, Drupal launched it newest version that does not only delight Drupal users in the webosphere, but also provides higher-level of usability for people who will visit the page—your prospect customers. It is known that the easy manipulation and content of your website plays are great role in your online presence, so it is essential that you have a flexible online platform that can provide maximum user experience for your users.

Drupal Designs

For may web developers, Drupal is a smart choice if a business need an excellent Content Management System to serve as the backbone of the website. Drupal is a platform that allows millions of contributors to provide constant updates as a helpful way to improve its services and features. Like Wikipedia, Drupal is driven by people who care about the way it functions and operates for users rather than the CMS being marketed.

If you are a web owner and wanted to maximize the aesthetic value and usability of your webpage. Below are additional reason why you should opt to using Drupal.

Drupal is Free of Cost – Why pay for monthly and yearly subscriptions if you can get a high-quality website free of cost? Many CMS are charging significant amount for a licensing agreement of a software where the customer are sometimes caught in paying hidden charges forcibly. This does not apply with Drupal since it is entirely free of charge. If you have to pay, then that will be for your developer who will manage, maintain, and update your site and not paying for Drupal itself. Imagine if you plan to have your web page last, then you will also need to pay for the website in such basis.

Drupal is a Trusted CMS – If you are questioning the security and capability of Drupal since it is free, better think twice. Drupal is used by high profile websites like whitehouse.gov, Harvard University, Energy.gov, FedEx, and Warner Music Group. You can visit these websites and find out for yourself how Drupal can me made into a website wonder.

Drupal is Flexible – Drupal is flexible in the sense that developers, once they mastered its trick, do not have to worry about custom coding and narrow design framework. Drupal can be created into an interactive page where positive user experience is greatly encouraged.

Drupal is SEO Friendly – A live website is not simply what you need when you want to be visible to your target market. Being on the top of the list in Search Engine Results Page (SERP’s) provide an opportunity for you to have an easy reach for your target market. Drupal can display content that cannot be taken for granted by Search Engines, so it is easy for a Drupal-based website to rank in SERP’s as long as the strategies used are ethical.

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Blink Reaction is a leading Drupal development company that offers effective and winning Drupal consulting and web services offering careers at  drupal experts blog that includes drupal website portfolio, design, programming, content migration, content planning, third party integration, multi-site building, information architecture and many more to develop good drupal based websites.

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  1. Drupal is one of the best Content Management Systems (CMS). It is published in PHP and needs a MySQL data source. Its primary set up can be quickly changed into many different kinds of web websites – from easy web records to huge social networks.

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