Monthly Archives: October, 2012

Drupal – The Friendly CMS

If you have a website intended for marketing your business, there are plenty of reasons why Drupal is a must choose. Drupal in one of the leading open-source Content Management System (CMS) which is preferred by many high-caliber organizations around the globe. This fact is not surprising, for the user-friendly features of Drupal is enough reason for website owners to entrust their brand and business with this amazing website platform.

If your website is using Joomla or WordPress CMS’s, you might be missing out some features that will benefit your users. Recently, Drupal launched it newest version that does not only delight Drupal users in the webosphere, but also provides higher-level of usability for people who will visit the page—your prospect customers. It is known that the easy manipulation and content of your website plays are great role in your online presence, so it is essential that you have a flexible online platform that can provide maximum user experience for your users. Continue reading →


Using Drupal Development Services in Increasing CMS’s Functionality

Just recently, Drupal content management system has improved into more friendly CMS intended for business processes to easily manage, edit and organize the website data easily. So, Drupal 7 came in the picture. Despite that, there are new features that needs to be incorporated into the new Drupal CMS to improve its functionality, that is through migration. Hence, for some website owners, there is a need to get to the attention of the Drupal web developers like Blinkreaction to make the old CMS successfully migrated to Drupal 7.

As a requirement, it is crucial to understand specific details of your own business so as to check suitable solutions. It is better to ask assistance from Drupal developers who can effectively give you recommendations for a possible solution in the grounds of your requirements. Most business take third-party application integration services to streamline the processes through providing better customer service to their clients. Continue reading →